Shipment Execution

Automate load tendering, confirmation and shipping that matches the carrier and specific delivery requirements

CTSI-Global's Shipment Execution application is an automated load tendering quoting, confirmation, and shipping application that matches specific delivery requirements and preferred carriers for the LSP or its clients.

Shipments are electronically tendered, creating an online bill of lading (BOL) and communicated to all core carriers via either EDI or email. Carriers can respond by accepting shipments at the contract rate or by providing a modified rate where appropriate. This can be especially beneficial to manage spot quotes. Shipment execution integrates with any other CTSI-Global application as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management and warehouse management system (WMS).

Key Features of CTSI-Global Shipment Execution Include:

  • Load entry
  • BOL creation
  • Shipment notification
  • Posting panel
  • EDI / email BOL to carriers
  • Spot quote management
  • Appointment scheduling